Penny’s Expert Guide

This week’s new and fresh lust cinema scene offers up some more new and hot scenes for you to watch and enjoy. Today we get to meet the sexy and cute babe named Penny. She was on a little vacation to the mountains this weekend and as the title hits to, she needed a guide. Turns out she reserved his services for the whole stay there as she figured out another use for the guy and of course after all that fun they had she’d be sure to get a price cut too. Well, either way, it’s one great scene with miss Penny here and we know you are eager to see this cute and sexy blonde in some wild action today.

The hot and sexy Penny met her guide and they went on the hike that she was so eagerly waiting to take. On the trip they talked about a lot, and it seemed  that the blonde was getting more and more naughty and daring to flirt more and more. The guy sure didn’t mind it as you don’t often get attention from a babe like this too often. Well all in all by the time they got back the babe was in the mood to fuck so as he was going to say goodbye she told him she’s not done with him yet and pulls him in her room. Watch the clothes fly and see the blonde suck and slurp on that cock with a passion to get him hard, and then watch her ride his cock all afternoon long!


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