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Coco Del Mal

Hello everybody and welcome back! If pussy to pussy scenes rock you cock, then you should get ready to have your dick drained as this is amazing! Our latest Lust Cinema update featuring two sensational babes, ready to go down and dirty in front of the camera just for your delight is ready to be exposed. Get ready to be impressed with these two smoking hot women who are about to show you how much they love offering those incredibly hot bodies to each other. Coco del Mar and her girl friend have been best friends for a long while, they do everything together, getting naughty included. So if you are curious about their sex adventure today, you just have to grab a seat and relax watching the super hot things they are doing together.

Watch these two lustful temptresses performing an amazingly hot stripping number, exposing their most intimate body parts and offering us a mouth watering view of their flawless curves. Just follow their skilled fingers wandering all over one another’s skin, not missing any single inch, starting from those lovely boobs and going down to that sweet spot between their legs. The image of these two gorgeous sluts eating each other’s yummy pussy up, plowing their masterful tongues in their sweet twats, is going to make you drool like crazy and you won’t be able to forget it for a long while. Enjoy watching them on lustcinema as they rub one another to a splattering orgasm, you won’t regret it!


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Sexy Miss Miller

Hi there everyone! Our most recent lust cinema update will definitely make your day, i have no doubt, because you’ll get the chance to experience all of the intimacy, love, passion and lust in sex. We have brought you an amazing nympho couple that doesn’t miss any opportunity to pleasure all their senses, so stay right here with us until the end to see all the super exciting things they are doing together. This incredibly sexy redhead and her lover are spending a quiet night in, since she still has to do some work for the office. Our babe is at the desk, trying to sort things out when all of a sudden her naughty boyfriend is behind her, surprising her with some very erotic kisses on the neck. She instantly felt shivers down her spine but also an itch between her legs.

How could she focus on her work when she felt all that high sexual tension fill the air? Miss Miller dropped everything, turned around and let herself in the loving arms of her guy. You can only imagine what is about to happen when a man with a huge boner is next to his girl friend’s smoking hot body. Watch closely as he is putting this gorgeous chick on the desk, lifting her dress but also her long sexy legs, in order to have access to her dripping wet pussy that he is about to penetrate. You will absolutely love seeing this horny man sliding his monster tool inside that juicy muffin, gently at first, then harder and harder, making her gasp loud from pleasure. Enjoy this superb fuck, it will really turn you on!


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Before the guests arrive Part 1

Another fresh week and time to check out a new lust cinema update once again. Today we have this interracial couple that love to fuck before they have guests coming over and since today they wanted to have a BBQ party, they were all set to enjoy some private time in the back yard. And this guy sure is lucky to end up with such a beautiful and sexy red headed babe that gets horny very often too. The babe’s case is…that, well…he is packing a nice and big black cock and se just adores having that huge meat pole poking around inside of her simply eager pussy too. Let’s cut the chit chat and see them get down and dirty today!


When it all starts out, the two head on over to the back yard and they know that they have a bit of a limited time to enjoy themselves today. So they get naked fast and start to kiss passionately. After that you can see the hottie stroking his cock to get him hard and she even gets on her knees and sucks and deep throats it to make sure that it’s lubed just in case. Not that it was needed since she got very wet and was ready to take that cock all the way in. See her sweet pussy pounded balls deep in the back yard for this one and enjoy it. For now we’ll take our leave and be sure that we’ll be back next time with an all new and fresh gallery for you to see!

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Lust Cinema Couch Fuck

Hey there once again guys and gals. Welcome to a brand new lust cinema update as per usual and enjoy your stay. Today we get to see more hot couples getting it on for your enjoyment and the cameras and there’s quite a lot to see today too. We have a babe with long and wavy brown hair that gets to have some fun with her boyfriend and of course you all get to see the action that got down between them without delay in this scene. The hot teen was very horny and the guy just had to help her out with it too being the caring kind too. Let’s waste no time and watch the two get it on in this fresh and hot lustcinema update!

The babe has the sexiest body that you can ever see and it’s all packed in a neat and small frame that’s ready to impress too. The couple goes to the bedroom after enjoying some foreplay on the couch down stairs and be sure that they remembered to lock the doors so that they don’t get disturbed today under any circumstance. See them getting naked and on the bed and you can watch this gorgeous little lady as she spreads her sexy long legs for the guy, eagerly waiting that thick cock to stretch her pussy nicely. That’s pretty much what happened for the rest of the scene and you can see her moan loudly in pleasure through the whole thing!


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Before the guests arrive part 2

As you know, we’ve had a hot couple fucking in a past lust cinema update and they got busy before the guests arrived for their dinner party. The two were at it again this week it seems. The thing is that it seems to turn them on a lot to engage in a quickie and see of they’d get done with the fucking before the guests arrive at their place. This one is even hotter than the last and you get to see the ginger haired cutie get even naughtier with this update. What’s even better is that if the guests would arrive to catch them in the act, they’d have glorious view of the whole thing as the two decided to go for it in the kitchen too.


This time the babe was sporting a nice and tight dress and underneath she had her sexy lingerie. You get to see the guy help her out of it as she enjoys the treatment and then he lifts her up on the counter. Sit back and watch her wrap her long sexy legs around his waist as he slides his huge cock in her cunt. Enjoy seeing her pussy getting pounded as she holds him tight while they have their passionate sex session for today. And lucky for them their guests were quite late, so they got to unwind a bit before their little fuck session. Have fun watching this update and stay tuned for more new stuff next week everyone. See you then!

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Lust Cinema – Horny Couple

Well, lust cinema is back as promised and comes back with more new galleries to show off. Today’s main feature is a library fuck scene with another horny couple and it’s quite the thing to see. Of course, it was made all the more thrilling because they could get caught at any moment, and no matter how good the babe was feeling she needed to be quiet. The two lovers know how to do everything right though, so rest assured that you are in for quite the lustcinema show with this one. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer as we think that you want to get to the juicy part, so let the show begin without delay.

As the cameras start to roll, the two enter the place. They check in and start browsing for books. Of course, you already know their reason for being here, but they needed to scope out the place before they did anything. Lucky for them, there weren’t many people around either so they went to a spot further in the back of the building. And once there, the two start kissing passionately as they also undress. The babe even gets around to suck the guy’s cock to get him rock hard and after that, she lays on her back on a table with her legs spread wide open. See her getting fucked missionary style today and enjoy the view. We’ll be seeing you next time!


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Hot Couple Sex

Another fresh week and time to see another lust cinema scene with horny people getting it on. We bring you another couple that were too eager to have some steaming sex and rest assured that their scene is just the greatest. The two had the house all to themselves this afternoon and since it was pretty boring for a day off, they kind of decided to spice it up a bit. Well, technically the babe was really horny and you know how good guys are, they always please their babe. Either way, it’s one hot scene to behold with them for today, so let’s get this show on the road and watch them in action without delay shall we?


As the scene starts, the guy comes in the kitchen and he comes to quite the naughty show. His babe was wearing nothing but an apron while cooking and be sure that this wasn’t a fashion choice. Like we said, she was horny and she knew this would get the guy in the mood. Take your time to see him respond to her advances and see her taking her right there in the kitchen. You can see them starting to kiss passionately and caress one another bodies and before you knew it, the two lovebirds were banging all over the place. Have fun with their sex scene and see you next week. You just come back and rest assured that we will have one more all new superb lustcinema scene for you to see and enjoy!

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Penny’s Expert Guide

This week’s new and fresh lust cinema scene offers up some more new and hot scenes for you to watch and enjoy. Today we get to meet the sexy and cute babe named Penny. She was on a little vacation to the mountains this weekend and as the title hits to, she needed a guide. Turns out she reserved his services for the whole stay there as she figured out another use for the guy and of course after all that fun they had she’d be sure to get a price cut too. Well, either way, it’s one great scene with miss Penny here and we know you are eager to see this cute and sexy blonde in some wild action today.

The hot and sexy Penny met her guide and they went on the hike that she was so eagerly waiting to take. On the trip they talked about a lot, and it seemed  that the blonde was getting more and more naughty and daring to flirt more and more. The guy sure didn’t mind it as you don’t often get attention from a babe like this too often. Well all in all by the time they got back the babe was in the mood to fuck so as he was going to say goodbye she told him she’s not done with him yet and pulls him in her room. Watch the clothes fly and see the blonde suck and slurp on that cock with a passion to get him hard, and then watch her ride his cock all afternoon long!


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Lust Cinema – Pure Pleasure

Today it’s time to check out some all new lust cinema scenes with more hot and luscious ladies that go wild on cameras for your enjoyment. This scene is pure pleasure as the title puts it too, and it features one fiery red head that is just too eager to please herself. Naturally it’s all on camera and in this scene with her you get to see it all too. She was very much in the mood to please that wet pussy of hers after she got quite horny and in the mood from watching a movie. Let’s take the time to see how this luscious babe likes to please herself and enjoy her simply superb lustcinema scene for the afternoon shall we everyone?


As we mentioned before, the babe got very turned on by a little naughty movie that she watched. So it was only natural for her to start pleasing herself after that. A woman that gets as horny as she does can’t stay put for too long, as pleasing her eager pussy was the only thing on her mind. watch the babe lift up her dress as she sits on her sofa and see her taking off those sexy panties too. With her legs spread wide open you can see this beauty as she starts to slide a small dildo in and out. See her fucking herself with the toy today and enjoy the view of this hot and sexy woman moaning in pleasure for this scene.

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Samantha and Luke

Hey there once more everyone, lust cinema is back once more with all new and fresh updates. Today’s scene features some more all new and all fresh porn scenes with some eager participants that want to show off just how they enjoy their sexy times. Of course it’s all passionate and the babe makes a demonstration of her simply superb oral and overall sexual skills with the aid of her friend here for the afternoon. So let’s not waste any more time and get this show on the road too. We know that you are eager to see the action go down so let’s just get to watch the lustcinema action in this new update!

The scene has the two getting back from a nice and long walk outside. When they returned, the babe was all prepped and ready to get naughty and sure enough the guy was more than okay with this. So let’s check them out as they get kinky as soon as they walk through the front door. Watch the babe lock the door behind and see her drop down the guy’s pants to whip out his nice and big cock. Then you can see this sexy chick wrap her juicy lips around the meat pole and we hope you enjoy the sight of this sexy woman deepthroating a nice and big cock. We will see you again next week everyone so stay tuned!


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