Lust Cinema Amateur Sex

As you know, we’ve had a hot couple fucking in a past lust cinema update and they got busy before the guests arrived for their dinner party. The two were at it again this week it seems. The thing is that it seems to turn them on a lot to engage in a quickie and see of they’d get done with the fucking before the guests arrive at their place. This one is even hotter than the last and you get to see the ginger haired cutie get even naughtier with this update. What’s even better is that if the guests would arrive to catch them in the act, they’d have glorious view of the whole thing as the two decided to go for it in the kitchen too.


This time the babe was sporting a nice and tight dress and underneath she had her sexy lingerie. You get to see the guy help her out of it as she enjoys the treatment and then he lifts her up on the counter. Sit back and watch her wrap her long sexy legs around his waist as he slides his huge cock in her cunt. Enjoy seeing her pussy getting pounded as she holds him tight while they have their passionate sex session for today. And lucky for them their guests were quite late, so they got to unwind a bit before their little fuck session. Have fun watching this update and stay tuned for more new stuff next week everyone. See you then!

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